About Bela

Belacoin, or Bela for short, was created in 2014. It was intended as a charity coin for organizations helping children. A number of coins was given to different organizations as well as used in a Bela faucet to widen the distribution of this coin.

Unfortunately Bela never really took off as a charity coin and development work on it slowly faded.

This changed in 2016 when a startup called the Ambia fund took the leading role in Bela’s development – with the consent of the original developer.

A rebranding of the coin was done to rename it from Bellacoin to Belacoin and change the logo. Next the wallets were updated and made functional again. In mid 2017 Belacoin was rebranded again into short and sweet ‘Bela’ per community’s request.

Bela’s network was secured by dedicated miners as well as by recruiting new independent miners and changing the Difficulty adjustment algorithm from the outdated Kimoto’s Gravity Well to Dark Gravity Well. The days of 0 hashrate and frozen transactions have ended for good.

Now the Ambia fund is developing a new platform based on Bela, called Belacam. This will be a social platform for sharing pictures (not unlike instagram) where publishers of the pictures will be paid in Belacoins for each ‘like’ their pictures receive.

The platform and its economy paints a prosperous future for Bela.



Bela specifications

  • Block time: 2 minutes
  • Max coin number: 54 750 000
  • Algorithm: Scrypt
  • Mining difficulty retargeting algorithm: Kimoto’s Dark Gravity Well
  • Based on: Litecoin
  • Programing language: C++
  • Expected to be fully mined: 15. April 2020



1 bela = $0.23

Number of mined coins = 37 041 000

Market cap = $ 7800 000


All time low price

  • 1 bela = 30 satoshi


All time high price

  • 1 bela = 18000 satoshi


*marketcap and Belacoin price are approximate average values of the last 7 days)

Belacoin uses

(applications (apps) / decentralized applications (daps))

  • Bella chess – an android app – Play chess versus the computer or another player and get Belacoin as a reward if you win – operational
  • Belacam platform – A platform for sharing pictures and gifs where posters are paid with Belacoins – in beta stage
  • Taskie ICO – Belacoin used as the purchasing coin
  • Maji Safi street-wear store will use Bela as a potential payment method – in development
  • PayperPaper – a platform for smartphone wallpapers – will pay uploaders with Bela – in development