Belacam project

Belacam is a platform for sharing pictures and gifs, where uploaders of the content (pictures and gifs) are rewarded by users with Bela – every like is worth a specified amount of Bela.

While the idea of rewarding content-creators for likes or upvotes they get is not new, it was so far very difficult to realize. In the past few years several social platforms (like Steemit) have done this and proved it has great appeal to many people. As is with all innovations those platforms were not perfect and left a lot of room for improvement

Belacam new intro-Add –


A startup company called Ambia Fund decided to create its own social platform with the necessary improvements and give it a special twist – instead of creating a blogging platform it is creating an image sharing platform.

Quick numbers tell us this approach can have a higher value and much bigger potential client base. After all it takes a lot of time to write a long story, but it takes seconds to make a picture.

Learning from its predecessors mistakes, Belacam will also have a simpler yet more branched-out economic model. This will allow users to earn Bela in more than one way.



Ultimately Belacams goal is to provide professional and Sunday photographers with a way to monetize their pictures as well as a platform for aspiring artists to showcase their work (and monetize it).


Impact on Bela

As people will need Bela to like and pay for special access and features in Belacam there will be a lot of demand for Bela. Of course as content creators receive Bela from their followers and advertisers they will be changing them for hard money. This will create a good trading volume for Bela, which will gradually increase its value.


While Belacam is currently the flagship of Bela the future looks even more promising for the coin as the new platform will bring a lot of attention to Bela and its blockchain. With this new developers and dapps can be expected to emerge which will give additional uses to the coin.


Rumor: we heard talk that a marketplace might eventually be included into Belacam sometime within the next few years. (note this is just a rumor at the moment and not confirmed)